Teaching has never been so much fun and
never been so rewarding!

Did you ever imagine giving lessons from
anywhere in the world?

Sam's is the English language learning platform that allows you to teach language using only your mobile phone!

That's right, a unique English course that enables you to offer your students quality lessons, within a structured course, resulting in deeper understanding, in-depth learning and internationally recognized certificates.

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What do we have to offer our study buddies?

Software providing fully immersive and interactive lessons forming a complete course, the 100% automated educational system is integrated with Description WhatsApp to deliver predefined homework tasks, which are sent directly to your cell phone. A full and complete guide on how to promote your service with Sam's is also provided free of charge, together with promotional digital content to ensure you attract new students in a 100% online and remote way.

Flexibility to work and live anywhere in the world, you will only need a cell phone with 3G and Wi-Fi. Whether on a beach in Thailand or at a ski resort in Switzerland, with Sam’s Description WhatsApp integration, you can manage and teach your students while obtaining unrivaled quality and success. The world really will be your oyster!

Earn way above average, with great growth potential and scalability. Our study buddies can comfortably manage and teach up to 500 students a month working a typical 8 hour day. What's not typical? The time and location, they, are at your convenience.

Join a community of accomplished professionals with financial and geographical freedom. As well as meeting amazing people, with whom you can share, teach and learn, you will make new friends, giving you new opportunities to travel and meet.

What do we require from our study buddies?

Provide quality support and encouragement to all students in a professional manner and following Sam’s code of culture and conduct.

Seek out new students through the use of the Digital Marketing guides and materials made available to you.