The best way to learn English is with a friend.

Just click on your native language.

Welcome to Sam’s Study Buddy!

Sam’s story is enlightening. Growing up in a community without adequate knowledge of English to effectively teach it, always felt like missing out, although generally a good student, acquiring English was proving to be elusive.

Sam was eager to learn English, and one day the opportunity presented itself, a chance encounter with an English man, a local professor, who talked to Sam about a “Study Buddy” system they had developed. He spoke about how this method could effectively help him read, write, listen, and most importantly, speak English.

Sam was introduced to an amazing ecosystem and immediately started to learn through gameplay and oral interactions, a powerful combination that was not just fun, it was interactive and intuitive too. Because Sam could access at any time or place, progress was swift, which both pleased and filled Sam with confidence..

The Study Buddy system followed Sam’s development via Artificial Intelligence, constantly adapting the unlimited peer to peer practice opportunities, where conversations were started by native speaking teachers. Sam was becoming  bilingual quicker than ever imagined, half way through the system, Sam had acquired the skills to mentor others within the community, which in turn significantly increased Sam’s confidence and led to increased understanding and time practicing those newly acquired skills.

The difference it has made for Sam, not only in terms of confidence, but to the variety of art and culture that could now be fully enjoyed has been immense, new career and educational opportunities soon followed along with a new respect from the community..

You too can achieve the same as Sam. Just click on the link for your native language, and enjoy, there are no contracts and no fees, so you can get started today!

“Kieran who created Sam’s Study Buddy is just amazing I learned so much from him, that I don’t even know where to start, I’ll take his classes for life, unlike many teachers he didn’t just teach me English, he taught me how to speak.

Iago Cesar


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